Scientists shed light on how infants know their bodies

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Specialists from the Royal College of London today presented the results of their new, very interesting study, concerning the study of how newborn babies master their bodies. More precisely, what exactly causes them the need and the urge to make various movements with the limbs both inside the uterus before birth and shortly after birth. This study and its results can be potentially useful for the development and implementation of more effective and safe ways to care for a newborn baby, because the postpartum age is almost the most important in the further system of human development.

Using an electroencephalogram, experts examined nineteen newborn children aged 31 to 42 weeks, respectively – and found that the supposedly spontaneous movements of arms and legs correspond to certain signals from the synapses of the brain. Having connected the sensors of the sensors to the heads of newborns, they noticed one very interesting tendency – at the moment of such a movement, a surge in the activity of neurons associated with learning and understanding the world around was recorded in the left side of the brain.

Thus, British experts concluded that when making these movements, newborns – or not yet born – children, as it were, master their own bodies and their features, thereby gaining an understanding of themselves at a later age – perhaps this is the period during which it is especially necessary to monitor the competent development of the newborn. In addition, the results also showed that these movements are almost never spontaneous.

Lorenzo Fabrizi, a professor of neuroscience at King's College London and the leader of this study, notes that in this way babies have a “brain map” with all its inputs and outputs, as well as triggers and working conditions. In other words, this mapping is an absolutely natural process, which is initiated even before the baby is born into the world.

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