Scientists reveal the role of microglia in the formation of ALSP syndrome

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Neurodegeneration is one of the most acute and indicative problems in modern medicine, since every year more and more people show signs of neurodegeneration of one form or another. And today, a talented team of neuroscientists from Trinity College London Institute presented the results of their unusual study, which raised the problem of identifying the main cause of the so-called ALSP syndrome – which means early leukoencephalopathic neurodegeneration with pigmented glia and axonal spheroids. Simply put, one of the rarest, but at the same time dangerous forms of it.

It is worth noting, first of all, the important fact that this type of neurodegeneration prevails mainly in adults who have not yet reached the age of 40, and its progression is noted at a fairly rapid pace – from five to ten years. Despite the fact that the ALSP syndrome itself is quite rare, it nevertheless manifests itself in one way or another, and London specialists decided to finally understand the mechanisms of its manifestation.

If the original theory was that the main cause of the onset and development of such a syndrome is damage to the mechanism of the brain ganglia, leading to subsequent damage to the CSF1R gene, now their research indicates that the main role in this is still played by white blood cells under the name of microglia, the dysfunction of which leads to the subsequent mutation of the CSF1R gene. Having illustrated this relationship using the example of brain cells of patients who died from ALSP, the British experts finally came to the conclusion that most likely it is microglia that are the culprits.

On the other hand, at the moment it is still difficult to conclusively confirm their role in the formation of gene mutations of this type, since, as scientists suggest, there is likely to be a wider complex of factors and features that cannot but influence the final process of neurodegeneration. Of course, it is always worth focusing on strictly verified consequences and experimental results, so now all that remains is to wait for further studies of this type.

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