Scientists restore intestinal biome with special transplants

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Patients going through various treatment sessions using antibiotics or other types of therapies can experience significant health problems with their intestinal microflora. For example, patients undergoing chemotherapy and stem cell therapy are particularly susceptible to significant changes in the intestinal microflora, which inevitably leads to a decrease in immunity and an increased risk of contracting something infectious during recovery after therapy. However, a team of experts from California proposed a particular method by which this recovery can be effectively accelerated.

We are talking about the use of so-called fecal transplantation, or autologous transplantation of intestinal microflora – in other words, the research team proposed the concept of transplantation of a number of important intestinal microbes and compounds into the intestinal biome of patients. As a study, the experts conducted some testing and experience. After selecting 36 patients recovering from recent antibiotic therapy sessions for cancer, they divided them into two control groups – one of which received traditional means and preparations for the restoration of intestinal biome, and the second went through transplantation of intestinal microflora.

Specialists monitored patients for several months and came to the conclusion that fecal transplantation really has a much more effective level of restoration of intestinal microflora in comparison with traditional drugs. Moreover, recovery took no more than a week and a half, and side effects are completely absent.

The results of the study also note that such a high efficiency of fecal transplantation can also be explained by the personal characteristics of the intestinal microflora in each individual patient – this is why specialists want to find out if some third-party drugs and compounds can somehow interfere with the recovery process. In the meantime, the achieved results clearly demonstrate that the specialists have achieved success.

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