Scientists Observe Crow's Cognitive Abilities

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Crows – like other representatives of the corvidae family – have long been considered one of the most intelligent and interesting species of animals. And there is a lot of evidence and evidence to prove that they can effectively solve even complex and ambiguous puzzles, use various tools to get food or protection, and also remember the faces of those who caught them. However, today a new project of a team of biologists from Oxford University to study the cognitive abilities of corvids has been completed and has shown truly unusual and unique results, indicating a much deeper potential.

The ability to use various simple tools is inherent in one way or another for almost all corvids – behavioral experiments performed over the years have demonstrated that corvids can form stable cognitive connections. But the Oxford team’s new project focused on finding out whether crows can combine several tools or parts of a tool for food.

To do this, they organized a special puzzle, where in the center there was a closed container with food – and the container itself was protected by a door, at the bottom of which there was space. Through this space perfectly placed sticks left next to the ravens. Moreover, these sticks were disassembled into two, three and four parts in sequential order – which should have made the raven to collect them on their own and with the help of the final design to get food. The results overwhelmed the researchers, as four out of eight crows managed to cope with the test on an average difficulty level.

But just one crow out of eight managed to fold the four parts of the stick-instrument at once, then without any problems brought food. Despite such statistics, nevertheless, the experimental results clearly demonstrate the fact that crows are really smart animals, whose cognitive potential is not yet fully understood and which may still surprise researchers.

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