Scientists Minimize Peanut Allergy With Special Treatment

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Today, the US Federal Food and Drug Administration has a difficult task – to allow or prohibit another immunotherapy for patients suffering from peanut allergies. The fact is that the new anti-allergenic therapy is the controlled and consistent induction of a special nut protein in the human body, which suffers from some form of allergy – this sounds somewhat contradictory, but from a medical point of view, this approach is quite effective. The question this time only concerns whether this therapy should be considered as resolved if it has a large control dose of peanut protein, or not.

The fact is that in the new iteration of anti-allergenic therapy, a special peanut protein powder is used with a fairly high ratio – which, however, has not yet been detected. The US Federal Food and Drug Administration has already received the results of research and testing of this therapy – which, incidentally, has already entered its third stage of the study and has begun to be tested on some patients.

Statistics showed that 10% of patients subsequently abandoned therapy due to increased side effects, about 14% needed some concomitant medications, and for the remaining patients, the therapy was more or less successful and useful. It is these results that increase the chances of a new type of therapy to become the leading one – of course, if the Federal Commission itself approves this approach and will be completely satisfied with the final indicators.

However, there is one important nuance – experts indicate that these results were achieved through the fact that the new anti-allergenic therapy was tested mainly on patients who suffer from relatively mild forms of peanut allergy. Thus, in the future, specialists will probably want to supplement their therapy, and while she is awaiting approval from the Federal Commission

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