Scientists Introduced Advanced PET Scanning Technology

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For a better and more effective diagnosis of various diseases and conditions, a team of medical engineering specialists from Shanghai developed and launched for testing their first project of an integrated scanner that combines traditional radiogram and PET positron emission tomography technology. Named as Explorer, this scanner can really claim such a big name, since its main feature is the ability to create a full-fledged 3D-scan of the human body in a matter of seconds, and then register in more detail these or other distinctive features of internal organs and bones.

In fact, the new scanner is a full-fledged 3D scanner, which somehow serves as a new stage in the diagnosis of various diseases and potentially dangerous conditions. The project itself, the scanners was originally developed by specialists from the University of California, but was subsequently supplemented by specialists from the National Anti-Cancer Center of Shanghai, where Chinese colleagues were able to further improve PET scanning technology in view of the increased capacities.

The Explorer scanner is still under development and will soon enter a new phase of intensive testing anyway – the fact is that experts intend to add functions to track previously noted biomarkers. These biomarkers could serve as the most accurate measurers of various conditions of internal organs and tissues at the moment when a person is inside the scanner. Thus, this scanner can be an extremely useful acquisition for the vast majority of medical institutions.

That is why developers and testers are interested in launching the Explorer 3D scanner project in mass production – however, before that you need to finish with the current tests and go to a new level. Experts note that somehow the release of a new scanner is a matter of time, and that soon this technology will replace the more traditional technology of x-ray analysis.

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