Scientists have set the best time for training

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It is no secret that systematic exercise is a really important factor in maintaining a healthy and high-quality lifestyle – however, many people and researchers continue to argue about the correct allocation of training time. A new study from the University of California, however, gives a very specific answer to the question of what time of day it is better to train, and indicates the reasons and evidence for why this is happening. It is worth noting that the results illustrated by experts have really significant experiments.

Because specialists from the University of California made an attempt to test different types of diets on mice that were selected in several groups, each of which was engaged in intensive physical exercise at a different time of day. Observing their behavior, workouts and activity patterns in general, the team of researchers came to the conclusion that it was early morning or mid morning that were the most suitable time periods for intense training – and for the most positive results from them.

Experts came to such conclusions by analyzing and comparing the speed indicators in the breakdown and assimilation of fats, amino acids and carbohydrates in mice training at different times – and found that it was the early morning group that possesses the most stable and positive results in this aspect. It is worth noting the fact that despite the information and results obtained, scientists also talk about the factor of individuality in the work of the organism.

Thus, despite the fact that exercise in the early morning or in the middle of the morning is the most rational idea, the individual characteristics of each individual organism still require the development of its own schedule. Nevertheless, it is worth noting the fact that the results obtained by experts in the study, one way or another, are confirmed by many third-party studies undertaken earlier and showing similar results.

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