Scientists have named the most dangerous chronic diseases in COVID-19

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It is no secret that the current scourge of humanity in the face of the new type of coronavirus COVID-19 is something really dangerous for certain groups of people in old age or suffering from certain chronic diseases. Even today, a team of researchers from Penn State University in the United States has illustrated which conditions and diseases of a chronic nature are the most dangerous in the context of the potential chance of experiencing complications during the course of coronavirus disease and even death – these data were compiled and analyzed through many different prisms and approaches. …

First of all, it is worth noting the fact that COVID-19 poses an immediate threat mainly in cases where the patient has chronic problems with the work of the respiratory or cardiovascular system – such conditions often lead to complications, which, in turn, can be fatal. However, today a team of researchers from Penn State University presented a more detailed and comprehensive study regarding which diseases and conditions are the most dangerous in the long term for sufferers of COVID-19.

These include diseases such as diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, and chronic kidney disease. All these conditions and diseases, according to the observations of experts, can increase the likelihood of complications and even death when infected with a new type of coronavirus several times, so they speak of the need to be especially careful for people of these groups.

In addition, if it is likely that in the future specialists will update statistics and release an even more detailed report on what diseases and conditions are the main risk factors for long-term treatment for COVID-19, since this time factor also often causes certain difficulties with to eliminate the most dangerous symptoms. It is worth noting the fact that at this stage, scientists are in no hurry to release a complete list of such diseases, since they believe that additional statistical research is needed.

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