Scientists have named the best drinks for healthy liver function.

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A group of scientists, after a series of clinical studies, concluded that it is enough to drink the optimal amount of fluid daily for a healthy liver function.

So, to normalize the work of this body, it is necessary to use at least 1.5 liters of pure water every day. As for the mineral liquids, their adoption should be coordinated with the doctor: because of their composition, they are not all equally useful for those or other violations of the liver.

Also, clinicians recommend drinking tea. In this case, it is better to give preference to green: it has much more antioxidants. It is even better if honey is added instead of sugar.

Those who love sweet carbonated drinks, picked up a useful and equally tasty alternative – compotes and fruit drinks. In addition, natural (not to be confused with bagged) juices, both vegetable and fruit, will be beneficial for the liver.

Scientists note that with a deterioration in the functioning of the liver, it is useful to use the broth of the hips – half a glass a day. But as regards various herbal preparations, one cannot do without consulting a doctor, because allergies can be separate components.

It should be noted that the above funds can be used as a prevention of liver diseases.

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