Scientists have managed to transform stem cells into insulin

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While the treatment and correction of diabetes is usually associated with maintaining a strict diet and following the intake of certain medicinal compounds and substances, other scientists seek to find a more permanent and effective solution in controlling the insulin flow in the body. And today, a talented team of specialists from Washington University has presented its unique project, using the so-called induced pluripotent cells and turning them into beta cells that reproduce and induce insulin – and in such doses that can be easily controlled from the outside. This study is of high importance for a possible future vaccine.

The main problem in controlling the course of diabetes mellitus is that the level of insulin produced by natural conditions and cells occurs like a fire hydrant – either too much hormone is produced or not produced at all. In order to improve control of this hormonal process, the biological engineering team from the University of Washington made a number of attempts to convert pluripotent stem cells – which can be taken from skin cells, for example – into full-fledged beta cells that produce the required amount of insulin.

“Necessary” is the key word here – on the basis of subsequent tests and tests on mice that induced diabetes mellitus, experts were able to achieve a really high level of control for insulin production under all possible hormonal conditions and found that their approach to cell conversion is really promising and promising in the long run. Especially when you consider the fact that insulin production in beta cells can be more easily controlled.

So far, experts continue to work on their concept project, but they already express a rather high degree of confidence that their project has turned out to be really effective and promising in the field of diabetes mellitus treatment, which gradually brings them closer to permanent vaccination or treatment of any type.

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