Scientists have managed to extract part of the DNA from insects in amber

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Studying and changing the DNA of a living organism stuck in a fossil or in amber – like the one shown in the legendary movie "Jurassic Park" – is a much more complicated process than many genetic scientists initially thought and researchers who are somehow familiar with DNA research. Even today, a talented team of genetic researchers from several US universities has illustrated that studying and, most interestingly, extracting DNA from an insect stuck in amber is actually a very real practice, albeit a rather difficult one.

To confirm their earlier theory, the researchers presented the results of their preliminary analysis, in which they tried to extract at least part of the genetic code from several mosquitoes stuck in amber – although, unlike similar dinosaur exhibits from the famous film, their age was estimated from years to six years, which to some extent facilitates the conditions of the experiment.

Nevertheless, even when using the full cycle of the polymerase chain, which is the main and most advanced tool for extracting DNA from living organisms at this point in time, the team of scientists was able to preserve only a small part of this DNA, which is clearly not enough to cope with it in the future. restoration or use for other purposes. Thus, so far, extracting and studying DNA from such insects seems to be quite difficult and complex business, although scientists say that over the next few years, this may change.

Of course, it is still too early to talk about the full-fledged extraction of large pieces of DNA, which could then be cloned and modified in accordance with the needs of the researchers – but, on the other hand, scientists note their readiness to devote a lot of time to working out such a possibility, since they really see it incredible possibilities regarding genetic modification. It is possible that experiments in this field of activity will help to cope with many biological difficulties in the future.

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