Scientists have managed to extract animal DNA from the air

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Today, a talented team of biologists from Queen Mary University in London presented the results of their new research on the search, identification and finding of animal DNA directly in the air – it is worth noting the fact that earlier such experiments were carried out by working mainly with the aquatic environment and are generally characterized rather complex nature of interactions. However, today scientists have managed to literally capture DNA particles of living organisms directly from the air, which has become a really interesting moment regarding further similar experiments.

First of all, it is worth noting the fact that we are talking about the so-called eDNA – in other words, about the kind of animal DNA that is found directly in the environment of animals. And the very methodology of the search and selection of this type of DNA differs significantly from the selection of internal DNA, which also complicates the very process of its subsequent processing and analysis.

However, today a team of London microbiologists have actually managed to extract some of the eDNA from moles in the laboratory using a system of special air filters and purifiers that allow not only finding and collecting eDNA particles, but also doing it automatically. Or, to be more precise, in a semi-automatic mode, since we are talking about the need in the future to fully automate such a system, which in the future can become one of the most interesting and multifunctional in terms of providing a new methodology for studying organisms.

In addition, it is worth noting the important fact that the capture of eDNA in some cases using the analysis of air masses is really the only way to do this, according to many objective parameters. Of course, there may be many points about what specialists are preparing in the future as this kind of research and experiments, and therefore for now it only remains to wait for official data and information about this.

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