Scientists have managed to create blastocytes from human stem cells

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Today, a talented team of biologists from the University of Michigan in the United States presented the results of one of their most interesting work on the reconstruction of the so-called blastocytes – a special group of cells that form already on the fourth day after the fertilization of a human egg with sperm, using human stem cells. Despite the fact that such an experiment sounds like something really complex and extremely multifaceted, in fact the basic mechanics of the approach here are quite easy, although it requires certain adjustments and modifications on the part of researchers, since we are talking about artificial insemination.

First of all, it is worth noting the fact that human stem cells have a really promising approach to artificially recreating natural cells, but such experiments are always of increased complexity. With regard to the current experiment with the reconstruction of blastocytes, American scientists actually managed to do this by applying some modifications to the original stem cell material – of course, these modifications, like all other technical aspects, continue to be kept secret, since they are intellectual. property of their owners.

Human stem cells have a really excellent level of functionality in this aspect, and therefore Michigan scientists only needed to revise some specific narrowly focused aspects. At this point in time, it remains only to wait for the final stage of experimenting with the cultivation of blastocytes.

Previously, scientists used mouse stem cells to grow them, but later it became clear that mouse and human stem cells are very different in the characteristics of their formation and development – which means that the subsequent development of blastocytes recreated from mouse stem cells will be differ significantly from those using human cells. So for now, it only remains to wait for the next set of results and characteristics.

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