Scientists have investigated the PHD3 enzyme to increase physical endurance in humans

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Today, a team of talented researchers in biohacking and physiology from Harvard University presented a truly unusual and highly entertaining study to the general public about the possibility of unlocking higher levels of physical endurance in humans. The fact is that, while studying some of the most versatile enzymes inside a person, the team came across the so-called PHD3-enzyme, which itself is a fat burning regulator in the body and serves as a kind of marker of the volume of certain nutrients in the human body – however, when blocking it allows you to significantly increase endurance.

It is worth noting, however, that the researchers came to this conclusion shortly after lengthy tests to block this enzyme in the body of mice, which served as the main research models – when this enzyme under the full name prolyl hydroxylase-3 was active in their body, it served as a fairly standard regulator of metabolic processes, but at the time of its blockage – which was achieved thanks to genetic engineering tools – experts found that it began to act as a highly active fat burner.

In other words, this PHD3 enzyme releases a large amount of stored brown fat, which begins to be destroyed as quickly as possible with the active movement of the mouse itself – as a result, by blocking this enzyme, the scientists were able to inoculate experimental rats with 40% more endurance during fast running and 50% more than the maximum fast running distances, thus revealing an even higher level of their endurance.

So far, the main question is whether similar results can be repeated in the context of human anatomy – given the fact that mouse and human anatomy are very similar in many ways, researchers have little doubt that a similar effect can be achieved in human trials. … However, this point is already a question of subsequent long-term and multifaceted research, since it has a large number of nuances.

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