Scientists have introduced a new type of polymer self-healing material

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Today, a joint team of researchers in the field of material engineering from the University of Tokyo and Carnegie Mellon University presented a very unusual development devoted to the possibility of creating a special polymer material with self-healing properties. It is worth noting that earlier other teams conducted similar studies with certain positive results, however, in the current study, specialists managed to achieve even more heights – in particular, the team managed to create light and durable material that actually accurately copies the self-healing properties of some organisms of the animal world.

The new polymer material is based on the use of the so-called soft body interface, which, in turn, is assembled from a composite material – this composite material was made by mixing polyborosiloxane and a filler material of multilevel carbon tubes called MWCNTs-PBS. This material has excellent electrical and self-healing properties, without the use of any third-party device or agent.

In addition, the team of scientists also added soft materials such as silicone and fabric to the final product by conducting an experiment with different configurations of the new polymer material – it’s too early to say which one has the highest flexibility and efficiency, however, apparently , it is the fabric configuration that may be the most promising. As a result, scientists designed something like a flexible polymer actuator, which can both be activated from the outside, and provide him with the opportunity to show his properties.

It is worth noting the fact that despite the current success of the research team, it is too early to talk about how high-quality and interesting their development will be in the future – after all, among the most obvious goals and directions of its application is the medical field, where similar polymer material with self-healing properties can be an excellent base for many projects in the field of prosthetics.

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