Scientists have indicated which homemade masks against COVID-19 are the most effective

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Despite the fact that masks to protect the skin of the face and respiratory tract from particles containing a new type of coronavirus one way or another continue to be rather rare in a large number of products, still most of the users prefer to buy them in specialized stores. On the other hand, as many thematic reports of various health organizations have stated before, users can easily get by with masks created at home from improvised means – and some materials may even be more effective in preventing dangerous particles.

In particular, today a joint team of specialists from several institutes and health organizations of the United States conducted another study on what material and type of mask is most effective for controlling particles of a new type of coronavirus. Despite the fact that similar studies have been carried out before, they still had a greater emphasis on which specialized masks are the most effective, and in this case, experts decided to focus on identifying which home masks can help.

It turned out that the most high-quality and effective for controlling particles of the new type of coronavirus COVID-19 are masks made of cotton or a material that combines cotton and other synthetic sets. Scientists, in particular, point to bandanas as the most promising option for such home protection, since they are generally easier to find than special masks like N95 or even blue medical ones, and you can use them repeatedly because they wash well. Thus, another study confirmed the effectiveness of home masks.

Nevertheless, it is too early to talk about what results the team of specialists will come after additional research in this direction is carried out – since there are still many points regarding some third-party risk factors that were not included in the presented study. It remains only to wait for additional confirmation of this study in bulk or for individual factors.

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