Scientists have identified the most balanced microdose of LSD for pain management

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Today, a team of microbiologists from the US Center for Substance Research has presented the results of a new study regarding various configurations of LSD microdosing and the relationship with the ability to eliminate or significantly reduce chronic pain associated primarily with physiological sources. Despite the fact that psychoactive substances themselves remain banned, many people still have access to them in one way or another, and it was their feedback on such positive effects on health that prompted the researchers to undertake a new round of research on microdosing.

Microdosing itself is the practice of gradual and systematic dosing of various psychoactive substances in such small doses that taking these drugs does not have any noticeable properties on the patient, but at the same time retaining the primary basis of its chemical structure. The study of the effect of LSD drugs, as well as psilocybin-containing substances, often indicated their ability to significantly numb pain, including chronic pain, while also demonstrating some additional benefits in treatment.

So a new study by a team of American specialists revealed that the most optimal micro dose of LSD-containing drugs for the average case of chronic pain in a patient should not exceed about 20 mg at a time, and the intake of such drugs should be carried out no more than twice a week – because with such a system, patients noted a significant improvement in their well-being against the background of improvement in some other health indicators.

Of course, it is still too early to talk about how useful and multifunctional microdoses of various psychoactive substances are and how exactly they affect the human hormonal system, not to mention more complex brain processes, but the team of researchers is going in the right direction and generally strives for in order to offer patients a much more convenient, easy and hassle-free way to relieve certain causes of chronic pain safely for their health.

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