Scientists have identified age thresholds for aging

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Stanford medical experts today released quite interesting results from their equally interesting study on objective age markers of growing up and aging. In particular, the study concerned the study of the potential relationship between changes in certain protein markers in the blood and other signs of physical aging – in the course of it, specialists actually managed to find out such a relationship. Thus, they noted three fairly accurate ages around which an irreversible change in the amount of produced proteins in the blood begins to occur in the human body.

Scientists were able to determine that some groups of proteins directly affect various age-related characteristics and processes associated one way or another with one or another age – so in fact these periods are “points of progressive aging”. If we talk about specific numbers, then experts indicate the age of 34, 60 and 78 years – it was at this time in the error of about three to four years that a smaller number of certain protein groups begin to be produced in the human body, which, as a result, is expressed in the gradual degradation of tissues of any type.

In other words, it is this reason that is becoming a priority in the issue of gradual aging and scientists hope that the relationships found and age points can serve as more or less stable characteristics in the study of internal biological processes. Moreover, on the basis of such a technique, they can also determine the age of a person with the same three-year error, which is a truly impressive result.

It is worth noting the fact that preliminary results can be truly accurate only if specialists provide some alternative models for such a study for comparison. Simply put, they have yet to conduct some additional research directly related to the consideration of these biological age indicators, not to mention the search for new biological markers.

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