Scientists have found the most effective intermittent diet regimen

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Of course, different diets exist for a reason, and some of them actually allow a person to gain or lose weight in a fairly short time. That is why the so-called intermittent fasting mode is becoming an increasingly popular diet format for most people seeking to effectively lose weight and at the same time do it in the most beneficial way. Today, a talented team of nutritional professionals from the University of Illinois at Chicago presented the results of their new study on how effective different configurations and variations of intermittent fasting can be.

It is worth noting that intermittent fasting itself, as its name implies, implies the ability to eat only for a limited period of time – for example, for five or seven hours a day, and outside of this time a person can only drink water or non-nutritive drinks. This approach allows you to speed up the burning of brown fat as much as possible, thereby allowing you to quickly lose weight. As for a new study from specialists from Chicago, it decided to consider what time period is most effective in the context of such a diet. To do this, experts divided the volunteers into two groups, the first of which ate from 1 pm to 5 pm, and the second from 1 pm to 7 pm.

Later, after analyzing all the features and sets of individual health indicators of the participants, the research team came to the conclusion that the first group managed to lose 3% more subcutaneous fat, while burning an average of 500 calories per day more, which became very indicative. and a promising result.

Some types of diets of this type can in fact be useful for quickly losing weight, however, nutritionists from Chicago note that the safety of this approach can only be talked about after a person has previously consulted with his doctor and did not find any pathological abnormalities. metabolism.

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