Scientists have found that piranhas can bark

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Piranhas are very widely known as bloodthirsty little fish with small sharp teeth and great appetite – but little is known about how they communicate with their own kind. However, a new study, published by a team of American experts on the analysis of this issue, is already setting some points on the issue and will soon be officially presented at the next seminar of the Acoustic Society of America, where experts are studying the methods of sound communication of underwater creatures. A new study indicates that piranhas make really unusual sounds, somewhat similar to dog barking.

But not only this is their unusualness – it also lies in the fact that these sounds always have unique sound tones. In other words, each of the piranhas has its own pattern of sound during communication, which does not prevent others from understanding and responding – this is especially useful in the environment of muddy and dark water. Rodney Rountry, the head of the new study, will soon present his results during the seminar – he explains that these sounds are due to the fact that piranhas squeeze their gas bubble – and the variety of these sounds was recorded on a special audio camera, with which he was able to record over 550 fish from more than 70 species, so the results of the study will be more complete and accurate.

His technology for capturing these communicative sounds represents a truly remarkable level of training in the study of fish behavior and may soon become the most reputable.

Be that as it may, it remains to wait for the opening of the seminar of the Acoustic Society of America and already then make sure that the new technology for recording underwater sounds is the most effective – some other experts note that in this way it becomes much easier to track and control the population of piranha and other predatory species fish to intervene in time. This is necessary in order to prevent ecosystem damage in the ocean in time.

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