Scientists have found new data on the fate of the Neanderthals

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Today, a talented team of researchers from several European archaeological universities presented their new research regarding the discovery of new archaeological data regarding the past of the Neanderthals – we are talking about the study of two large cave systems in Spain and Russia, where scientists were able to find some really interesting data. First of all, it is worth noting the important fact that the initial goal of the study was the need to test a new radioisotope complex of analyzes, and only then it resulted in a full-fledged study regarding the fate of the Neanderthals.

Moreover, scientists partially managed to answer the question of why the population of Neanderthals in Eurasia was massively reduced exactly two times, in the period from 150 to 100 thousand years BC. The traces of the Neanderthals, found in the Galeria de la Estas and Denisova-Chagyrskaya cave systems in Spain and Russia, demonstrated in the course of the subsequent radiological analysis that they actually experienced a significant reduction in their population at about the specified time interval.

And as the main reason, scientists call radical climate changes – in particular, scientists note that the average temperature dropped by a significant amount, which influenced the extinction of the Neanderthals. It is worth noting the unusual fact that the traces of Neanderthal DNA found in these caves were obtained not from skeletons and bone remains, but directly from the layers of the earth in the caves, which raises the effectiveness of such studies to a new level.

Thus, the team of archaeological researchers presented something really interesting about a new approach and complex of studying radiological remains – and therefore we can say for sure that the team of archaeologists will soon present something really interesting. It can also be assumed that in these caves in the future they will use slightly different methods of studying the remains and DNA of Neanderthals in order to test several variants of such approaches at once.

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