Scientists have found a way to safely and quickly extract psilocybin

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A growing body of research suggests psychedelic mushrooms may have therapeutic benefits for certain conditions. Now a movement seeks to decriminalize them.

Given the fact that psilocybin is becoming an increasingly popular chemical substance for various medical purposes and tasks, it becomes clear that its extraction by standard methods is becoming less and less effective in the long term – mainly due to the fact that it is necessary to extract it directly from psilocybin mushrooms using fairly expensive equipment and catalysts. However, microchemistry experts from the University of Denmark today introduced a new method for producing psilocybin in such a way that neither expensive equipment nor a large number of third-party chemicals are required.

The method itself consists in extracting the part of the DNA of psilocybin fungi that is responsible for their ability to form this substance, and then transfer this part to the DNA of bacteria e. Coli – thus, in fact, teaching them to secrete psilocybin. Of course, there are still many difficulties and questions in this project, however, preliminary tests using these bacteria have shown that the project has a very promising future. In addition, scientists also began additional experiments with third-party, cheaper, and equally effective substrates that can help increase the bacterial production of psilocybin.

In the context of the ever-increasing need to produce more psilocybin for medical purposes, the researchers are particularly keen to ask how to do this without involving expensive substrates and third-party equipment, which can only aggravate the situation from the point of view of market assessment of the benefits of psilocybin in medicine.

So far, it remains to wait for the final results with the introduction of the DNA of psilocybin fungi to bacteria e. Coli, however, you can already understand that the experiment itself will most likely be successful, since early tests showed a high level of chance of producing this substance in a new way. However, scientists have to carry out another additional stage of testing before launching the final experimental format.

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