Scientists have found a way to keep cytokines in anticancer drugs

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The treatment of oncological diseases of any kind is somehow related to the need for radiotherapy or chemotherapy – but soon everything can change thanks to the new research work of specialists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who managed to create something unusual. Namely, scientists have found a way to make sure that cytokines — natural immune cells that previously showed a high potential in the fight against cancer cells — could be firmly fixed inside the molecules of anticancer drugs without leaks.

Because it happens this way in the natural environment – cytokines inevitably leave the shell of such molecules, causing negative consequences for healthy cells of the body. In order to establish the most qualitative and convenient way of fixing them inside anticancer molecules, scientists have found that proteins called lumikan and collagen are suitable candidates for fixing – the latter is most often found in cancer-damaged cells.

Experts have already conducted preliminary studies in experimental mice that have induced cancer cell damage and found that these two proteins can indeed keep cytokines within the molecular shell of anticancer drugs, thus preventing them from leaking – and this, in turn, is really positive. action on healthy cells and bypasses them. Thus, the specialists managed to find a way to keep cytokines within their molecular shells.

And this means that very soon the team of specialists will present the final version of such an anti-cancer molecular substance, which will be aimed solely at cancer-affected cells and which will avoid healthy ones – which is something really interesting and unusual even by the standards of modern oncology. It remains only to wait for the successful completion of the case and the first detailed results regarding the experiment.

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