Scientists have found a way to fight white nose syndrome in bats

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White nose syndrome is currently quite a serious disease observed in a large number of bat populations in North America – this disease is characterized by a significant decrease in immunity due to the impact of a special fungal family called Pseudogymnoascus destructans, which causes the characteristic “whitewashing” of the bats' nose. At the moment, the disease literally mows up a large number of these animals, and experts from the United States are considering and testing a variety of options and approaches to solving this problem, mainly considering various test vaccines.

And at the moment they have created as many as four vaccines that can theoretically help to overcome this outbreak of the disease. Experts have already conducted preliminary tests on four groups of bats, each of which induced each of the vaccines, and then, placing the mice in special hibernation chambers with the presence of this dangerous fungus, observed the further course of the disease and the animals themselves.

It turned out that the group that received poxvirus raccoons as a vaccine base as a vaccine demonstrated the most resistance to this fungal disease – especially in comparison with the control group of mice. Experts suggest that this was due to changes in the resistance of fungi to the very basis of the vaccine – because otherwise the results would hardly have been so eloquent. So most likely this vaccine will become the basis of a new drug gel, with the help of which scientists plan to fight the disease.

And they propose to do this in a fairly simple way – simply spreading traces of the gel in those places where bats are most often gathered and sleeping. Thus, when one or several individuals touch the vaccine-gel, they will immediately begin to spread it to their relatives in the places of their compact habitat. However, it remains for the time being to wait for the final outcome of the vaccine test.

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