Scientists have found a replacement for the gold catalyst for fuel

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The main problem with the use of traditional types of fuel substances is that during their reaction they emit quite a lot of carbon dioxide – which is becoming one of the main causes of systematic pollution of the air and the atmosphere as a whole. But the research team from the University of California in the United States presented their new project to replace one of the most important catalyst components of fuel combustion with another, more energy-efficient and safe in terms of toxic fumes – and this replacement was iron, which has already passed all preliminary tests and studies. in the context of the work.

It is worth noting that initially the problem was the need to convert carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide to reduce the harmful effects of the residual substance – and if earlier particles of such a precious and expensive material like gold were used as a catalyst for the conversion reaction, now experts suggested replacing it with iron particles.

The fact is that they managed to stabilize the behavior and location of iron atoms in the conversion reaction, which in turn allowed them to convert to 90% – and this is already becoming a really promising indicator. Thus, the progress achieved correlates with the preliminary plans of scientists to create a new, widely used synthetic fuel that could satisfy both developers of robotics and space devices and environmentalists.

Nevertheless, the team of scientists says that it still has a lot of work to be done in strengthening this stabilization and in the context of improving the overall approach to the implementation of the reaction. It becomes clear that the replacement of gold particles with iron ones will not occur on an industrial scale just as quickly, but we can already say that such a change of catalyst becomes the first confident step towards the goal of changing the effects of fuel.

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