Scientists have found a new way to create artificial diamonds

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Diamonds, being one of the rarest materials on Earth, one way or another have great value not only for lovers of beautiful jewelry – but also for specialists in material engineering to create protective coatings, shells or even entire devices. However, the creation of artificial diamonds is quite a costly business, both in terms of the cost of equipment and from a purely ecological point of view, and therefore a team of specialists from the University of North Carolina decided to present their own technology for producing an artificial diamond that combines lightness, cheapness and efficiency.

Considering the fact that diamonds and diamonds in the natural environment are formed deep under the ground, where high temperatures and no less high pressure create them as they are, it becomes clear that these principles must be followed in artificial creation. That is why a team of material engineering specialists from North Carolina offered their technology to use ultrafast laser pulsations – such a concentrated beam with a duration of 100 nanoseconds allows you to almost instantly heat carbon fiber – from which artificial materials of this kind are created – to a temperature of 3.727 degrees Celsius.

However, in order to avoid significant overheating and as a result of melting, a team of specialists use an unnamed type sapphire substrate, glass and plastic polymer as a protective-reflective shield, which reflect enough light to prevent the material from melting excessively – which actually creates a diamond perfect type.

It is important to note the fact that with the help of this tested technique it becomes possible to create artificial carbon fiber of any shape and degree of stability, while the cost of using and maintaining the technique is much more attractive. That is what makes its use potentially beneficial and interesting for all professionals.

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