Scientists have found a new type of natural antioxidant

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Food storage – especially perishable food – is a fairly noticeable problem for many food producers and distributors. Used in modern times, various synthetic antioxidants, necessary to keep food in good condition and not spoil as long as possible, are often criticized by many buyers who talk about the need to find a natural substitute. And, apparently, he was found, thanks to the efforts of the team of microbiologists from Penn State University, who today presented their report on the study.

Specialists initially focused on identifying natural antioxidants and compounds in various crops that could be useful for preserving the natural properties and freshness of food, as opposed to synthetic antioxidants. And they really discovered the presence of a suitable natural candidate for this role in the face of a new class of substances called alkylresorkinols produced by various crops, such as barley and wheat. Specialists initially extracted several samples of this family of antioxidants from barley and tested them for the possibility of preserving food without losing its freshness and properties – while they also added some of the rich omega-3 oils to the finished preservation formula.

They found that these samples of the natural antioxidant of the aforementioned family of substances can effectively increase the lifespan of beneficial bacteria inside food, thereby extending its shelf life in vivo – and according to reports, this is no less effective compared to synthetic antioxidants.

However, in this study, there are still some details and features that are worth shedding light on. Specialists have so far noted their willingness to continue research and are wary of giving a final assessment of the found groups of substances in crops. Perhaps, before their final release into production, they will undergo some modifications.

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