Scientists have established a new role for intestinal bacteria in the context of endurance.

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The so-called “fitness pills” continue to be an impossible dream of many lazy people seeking positive and impressive athletic results without any systematic and intense training. However, today a team of microbiologists from the Joslyn Diabetic Center in the United States published an article in the scientific journal Nature Medicine about their new research, which in the future could potentially help in the creation of such tablets. It is about studying how certain intestinal bacteria present in athletes can affect the improvement of the athletic performance of other people with whom these bacteria are transplanted.

In particular, a new study was about studying a bacterium called Veillonella, which is in great prosperity in the intestinal environment of many athletes – especially those who are professionally involved in running. Scientists, analyzing and studying the probiotic potential of this bacterium, transplanted some of it into experimental mice and placed them against the usual group of mice on the running wheel – it turned out that the first group managed to hold out for about 13% longer than the second, which clearly indicates a positive aspect of such transplants.

However, scientists say that the mechanism behind these changes is actually much more complicated than it seems at first glance – in part because the bacterium itself creates a generation of propionates – special bacteria – which in turn create short fatty acid links. . It is they who are responsible for increasing the overall level of endurance, although they still hide a lot of surprising and interesting to the final researchers of this issue.

Thus, a team of scientists from the United States was able to clearly demonstrate that the transplantation of certain intestinal bacteria can most significantly affect the change in metabolic processes within the intestinal environment – which will certainly affect the body. However, they still have to conduct a lot of research on the safety of this approach.

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