Scientists have discovered the oldest ice floes in Antarctica

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One of the most interesting areas in the study of the geology of the ancient Earth is the search and identification of old deposits of ice and rocks under the soil of Antarctica – and today a team of geologists from Princeton University in the United States presented the results of their research on truly ancient deposits of ice under Antarctica, many of which more than 5 million years old, although at the moment the oldest sample of such ice is 2.5 million years old. Nevertheless, experts do not lose hope in finding and identifying even older samples of Antarctic ice.

Many may ask a completely logical question – and for what purpose it is generally necessary for scientists to discover and study such ancient samples of icy rocks. And the answer, oddly enough, lies on the surface – the fact is that such ancient ice floes have air sealed inside themselves filled with some gases, the composition of which can tell a lot about the geology and formation of the Earth over a really long period.

Of course, at the moment it is difficult to say how interesting and full-scale the current study of the team from Princeton University in Antarctica can turn out to be, since we are talking about a rather huge amount of data – so far, experts have found a sample of ice 2.7 million years old, which so far makes it the most ancient example. All this can be judged primarily by the presence of characteristic residues of volcanic dust and carbon fiber on the surface of such ice, which is the most indicative marker.

In addition, it is worth noting the fact that relatively old rocks of ice can be very fragile in one way or another, and therefore the research team makes additional efforts to ensure that the study is carried out in compliance with all the necessary points of safety and caution. It remains only to wait for further news from a team of researchers from the United States, which will surely reveal many interesting aspects in this sense and shed light on many points.

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