Scientists have discovered the features of converting white fat to brown

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One of the most recent studies by a team of talented biologists from the Medical University of Vienna looked at the process of converting white fat to brown, followed by the study of the mechanism and characteristics of fat loss or gain. It's no secret that many people often tackle controversial diet and exercise regimens in an effort to maintain a comfortable and healthy body fat index (BMI), but a new study by Viennese specialists is more focused on providing the easiest and at the same time an integrated approach to burning excess fat.

The fact is that their research revolves around the study of a special conversion process taking place inside the body, within the framework of which white fat – the main function of which is to store energy – is converted into the so-called brown fat, which, in turn, on the contrary, activates quite active fat burning format and releases quite a lot of heat to maintain a normal body temperature, especially when temperatures are low enough.

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Studying the various triggers and features of this conversion process, the Viennese scientists found that during this conversion, the increased production of vitamin A is more involved, and this trend is observed not only in humans, but also in mice, due to the similar anatomy and biology in many aspects. … Thus, after conducting several hands-on research sessions, scientists have found that vitamin A may be the most important factor in proper conversion.

In other words, scientists recommend that people consume as much vitamin A as possible, especially in winter, when the body needs to release even more heat energy. At the same time, scientists note that the systematic intake of vitamin A and regular, albeit not very intense, physical activity are the most effective combination in terms of fast and correct fat burning, not to mention the correct maintenance of the most comfortable ratio of body weight to fat volume.

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