Scientists have discovered DMT in rat brains

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The popular psychedelic drug called DMT – or, as it is scientifically called dimethyltryptamine – is one of the most interesting and unusual objects of study in the context of modern narcotic drugs. The fact is that this type of drug expresses a fairly wide range of effects, some of which are potentially beneficial and beneficial for the body, and therefore it is being studied so seriously. Today, a team of microbiologists from the University of Michigan in the United States presented the results of their research on the fact of the natural origin of the DMT substance in the mammalian brain.

They chose several groups of experimental mice as a base, which were used as test samples for finding traces of dimethyltryptamine in the brain – moreover, scientists tried to confirm or refute the previously advanced theory that DMT is formed and processes in the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a separate organ located in the middle part of the brain, which, among other things, is also responsible for producing melatonin, which allows us and all other mammals to correctly launch the sleep mechanism.

Having conducted several research sessions, experts actually found traces of DMT and the substance itself in small micro doses in the notorious pineal gland in rats – which in turn indirectly proves a similar deployment mechanism in humans and other mammals. Thus, scientists actually managed to confirm the theory that DMT is a naturally occurring narcotic substance.

However, the discussion deals with quite small doses – more precisely, micro doses, which do not have any obvious hallucinogenic effect on their carrier. Nevertheless, the findings and evidence of this property will certainly affect how scientists in general will relate to DMT and a number of other narcotic substances naturally created by the body – but for now it’s worth waiting for the final research report!

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