Scientists have discovered another cause of diabetes

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It is believed that elevated blood glucose is a major factor for the development of diabetes. Thus, all therapeutic measures are aimed at reducing the amount of a given substance in the body, however, such treatment was not always effective.

German scientists decided to study this issue more thoroughly. Thus, in the course of clinical studies, it was found that the cause of cell resistance to insulin is not glucose itself, but its product, methylglyoxal glucose metabolite.

Clinical studies have also been conducted. In this case, flies were used as test subjects. Scientists have periodically turned off their enzyme, which is responsible for processing glucose metabolite. After some time, it was discovered that flies began to develop insulin resistance and obesity. In addition, significantly increased blood sugar levels.

Scientists believe that such research results fully confirm the theory that the cause of diabetes is not glucose. Based on this, it will be possible to talk about new, more effective methods of treatment in the future. However, several more clinical studies are currently required.

In any case, whatever the results of these scientific studies, people who have such a disease in their personal or family history, the body's sugar level must be monitored. Of course, that diet, namely, to abandon the sweet, also have to.



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