Scientists have discovered an unusual anti-aging enzyme

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The fight against aging is one of the most visible and priority directions in modern gerontology and biology in general, however, scientists every day open more and more questions and controversial topics regarding how to improve the quality and increase the life expectancy of many people in the most natural way possible. And today, experts from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology KAIST presented the results of their recent study on a special protein enzyme called AMPK, which seems to have really promising properties in terms of increasing longevity.

The fact is that initially, specialists from this institute in Korea studied various methods and configurations to increase the lifespan of human cells in the laboratory without additional energy support – as a result, they discovered an AMPK enzyme, which contains adenosine monophosphate kinase, with with the help of which it allows you to significantly recharge cells with energy and feed them in an autonomous mode.

Through several subsequent practical tests in animal models, the scientists found that by stimulating another enzyme, VRK-1, the production of said AMPK enzyme becomes much more frequent and better controlled by the researchers, thereby significantly increasing the lifespan of the experimental animals. Such results could not but become promising in the context of applying oneself to human anatomy, although at this point in time Korean scientists say that it is not worth rushing to conclusions yet.

Given that this kind of protein enzymes have previously come to the attention of biologists, it becomes clear that the development of the most universal and effective type of their chemical configuration will take a lot of time, so it’s not worth talking about any accurate and predictable results yet. It remains only to wait for the final completion of the new stage of the experiment and new reports from Korean specialists.

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