Scientists have discovered a unique zombie-mode of existence of bacteria

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Despite its deceptively small size, the vast majority of bacteria can surprise a person with their unusual set of approaches to survival and no less unusual properties that allow them to constantly adapt to changing environmental conditions. However, today a talented team of biologists from the University of Amsterdam presented their report on a new study devoted to the detection and analysis of a new type of bacterial behavior – or rather, a new discovered method of regulating its life. It is about finding a special state between hibernation and ordinary productivity, which scientists have designated as a “zombie state”. And it really surprises!

The fact is that all scientists know such a property of bacteria as the ability to immerse themselves in hibernation, turning off their functions, features and properties for a very long period in order to survive in an inhospitable or directly dangerous environment – this property also allows them to acquire a certain degree resistance to various antibiotics, passing this feature to its neighbors.

However, with regard to the newly discovered zombie state of bacteria, then scientists from Amsterdam noted that such a find was really unusual for them. They focused on studying the biological characteristics of bacteria of the Bacillus subtilis family, which have the ability to quickly enter this state – thus, the bacterium from its original form in the form of an elongated rod transforms into a practically smooth ball, with all the important vital functions preserved, but to a large extent slowing them down. In particular, scientists were able to find out that bacteria of a particular family in this state multiply four times slower.

The same is true for all other features and functions of the bacteria of this family – like all others, according to scientists. It is worth noting the fact that preliminary tests and analyzes regarding this found state of bacteria are not yet completed, and therefore it remains to be hoped that soon scientists will present new interesting materials.

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