Scientists have discovered a unique way to prevent neurodegeneration

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It is no secret that as the human brain gradually ages, it begins to experience quite noticeable signs of dementia and various kinds of neurodegenerative changes – in particular, many elderly people sooner or later begin to experience a noticeable deterioration in memory and logical thinking. So a team of talented neurophysiologists from Northwestern University in the United States today presented their new study devoted to examining the potential relationship between how a person relates to the world around him on an emotional level and how likely he is to develop neurodegeneration in old age.

It is worth noting that the results of this study turned out to be very unusual, since scientists, after conducting long-term studies of the cases of many elderly patients, found that, on average, most of those people who have a positive and positive attitude towards the people and events around them have significantly less the risk of the onset and development of neurodegenerative features of the brain in older age.

In particular, the study is largely based on comparing modern data with the data that were obtained at the end of the last century – then another team of scientists illustrated the same effect. Moreover, the researchers studied in more detail the duration of the influence of positive emotions on the work of the brain in different industries and came to the conclusion that the more positive and calm a person is in relation to the world, people and events, the longer he will be able to maintain clarity of thinking and emotional perception. …

Of course, the research presented does not deliberately take certain individual factors and features into consideration – such as purely genetic or physiological factors to which individuals may be predisposed. Nevertheless, we can definitely say that a positive attitude and a calm emotional attitude towards the world around is one of the most powerful and effective natural ways for a person to avoid prolonged stress and, as a result, the occurrence of neurodegeneration.

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