Scientists have discovered a potentially new form of dementia

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Today, a team of neuroscientists from the University of Kentucky in the United States presented the results of their new study on the potential discovery of another type of dementia – a particularly dangerous neurodegenerative disease that adversely affects a person’s cognitive abilities, most often in old and old age. The fact is that, exploring the nature and features of the original mechanics of the formation of neurodegeneration in more than three hundred patients whose data were taken from the so-called “brain bank” of the Center for the Study of Alzheimer's at the University of Kentucky, experts discovered some new features of the formation of this type of dementia in people .

In addition to actively accumulating the well-known tau proteins and amyloid beta proteins – which are the two most massive and significant markers of the development of brain neurodegeneration – scientists also found in more than 20% of the studied patient cases an increased level of the so-called TDP-43 protein, which is not quite characteristic of standard dementia. Thus, having studied the multiple differences of this new form of dementia at the chemical level of the brain, in contrast to the previously known forms of this disease, the researchers decided to create a new family of such diseases, designating it as limbic encephalopathy TDP-43.

Moreover, taking into account current research and a wealth of data on patients suffering from some form of dementia, a team of American scientists came to the conclusion that in the world there can be up to 30% of people suffering from just such a new form of neurodegeneration. However, in fairness, it is worth noting that so far this disease is not considered purely “Alzheimer”.

Although the main symptoms and internal brain processes are very similar to the standard varieties of dementia, still this new form of neurodegeneration can be caused by conceptually different reasons, so that even the accumulation of harmful protein compounds cannot guarantee that it is dementia in its usual form understanding. So it is worth waiting for further news and research results.

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