Scientists have discovered a better alternative to traditional anti-diabetic drugs.

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Today, there have been very encouraging news for all people suffering from type 2 diabetes – the fact is that the US Federal Food and Drug Administration has issued a special report on testing a new anti-diabetes drug called canglyflozin. This drug compound, previously tested by scientists, has a really great degree of protection of the kidneys and the cardiovascular system, significantly reducing the chance to get these or other diseases of these organs in people with type 2 diabetes.

It is worth noting that the study itself, devoted to examining the effectiveness of this new drug, differs in really interesting indicators – because more than 4,400 people took part in it in 34 countries of the world, and volunteers suffered from various features of diabetes. Based on preliminary clinical tests, experts advanced using this medication in combination with traditional anti-diabetes drugs and found that it allows 30% better protection of the kidneys, liver and heart in the context of their regulation while taking other drugs – which significantly reduces the chance of getting this or that chronic disease of these organs in the future, improving the quality of life of patients with diabetes.

In particular, the study compared the new drug with the traditional therapy of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone (RAAS) and found that the new drug has a significantly higher rate of effectiveness in protecting the most vulnerable organs.

For general medical statistics on diabetes of the second type, such figures become really promising – since according to preliminary estimates of statisticians, by 530, about 510 million diabetics are expected. In addition, in the future, the drug will certainly receive the appropriate modifications in order to work even more efficiently and avoid various side effects.

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