Scientists have discovered 19 phases of the brain during sleep

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Sleep is quite an important aspect of a healthy and healthy life, but few ordinary citizens understand how important it is for the brain to be able to go through certain phases of sleep. And today, a new study of specialists from Aarhus University in Germany appeared, who empirically determined that in fact the brain during sleep does not go through four conceptual stages of sleep – as was previously thought right up to the moment – but through as many as 19 phases, each of which has its own patterns of brain activity and can offer a deeper analysis of the final result of the study – at least, experts themselves hope so.

It is known that during sleep our brain goes through three main phases of sleep, called non-REM phases, as a result of which it enters the fourth, final phase of the so-called slow sleep – and then the cycle repeats until the person wakes up completely . Specialists from the University of Aarhus, selecting 57 healthy volunteers and placing them in a special scanner using functional magnetic resonance imaging, were able to establish some new aspects regarding the passage of these phases of sleep.

Armed parallel with some of the results obtained using a traditional electroencephalogram, they were able to visually compare the final indicators among themselves. Thus, observing the activity of the brain of sleeping volunteers inside the scanner, they found something really unusual – the fact is that the brain of most volunteers demonstrated 19 different phase states, with their own special patterns of brain activity, which is not surprising, because it crosses out all previous results.

However, researchers from Germany are still not in a hurry to call the results of their research truly definitive, since they believe that other, equally important and influential factors may play a role in the research. Anyway, it is worth looking closely at the presented results as a kind of confirmation of the theory that the work of the brain during sleep is characterized by a much more complex character.

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