Scientists have developed a new type of graphene biosensor

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Graphene, which has already managed to gain some fame as one of the most versatile materials, has become an increasingly frequent visitor to even more interesting scientific projects. In particular, today the research team of microbiologists from the University of Exeter presented in the latest issue of the scientific journal Nanoscale the results of their new experiment on the graphene base, which showed excellent potential for using biomarkers characteristic of the early stage of lung cancer development that could become excellent diagnosis and reason for the early treatment of such cancer.

In general, devices called e-nose – which are electronic analyzers of human exhaled air – have long been known to specialists and are used everywhere including for the diagnosis of characteristic cancer biomarkers in human respiration. However, with the help of a new graphene development, which also consists of other, as yet unnamed catalysts and chemical compounds, such diagnostics can be carried out even faster and easier, according to the experts behind the development.

In addition, this type of graphene biosensor has two main features, due to which it already looks like an excellent idea in absentia – the possibility of its processing and relatively low cost of production, at least in comparison with more traditional versions of such devices. It is worth noting that the experts from the University of Exeter are still silent on the specific details of the new biosensor, however, judging by the preliminary results, it has already attracted attention with its effectiveness.

It is possible that such a biosensor will be part of new devices and systems for detecting early biomarkers of lung cancer – for now, this direction and this type of cancer are the highest priorities in the process of such development. But in the future it is just right to expect completely new systems that can surprise with their accuracy and low cost, which is what the developers themselves are counting on.

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