Scientists have created "useful for humanity" E. coli

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Lady scientist in microbiology laboratory working with E coli culture

A wide variety of diseases and infections, it is certainly very bad. Especially unpleasant if you picked up a type of bacteria such as E. coli during a festive feast. However, as scientists have found out, the above kind of bacteria can be not only harmful, but also beneficial. Thus, if you refer to a new article that was published in the popular scientific and technical publication Cell, scientists were able to develop a strain of Escherichia coli, which in turn feeds directly on carbon dioxide. Meanwhile, another publication, Nature, explains that these bacteria usually prefer to eat glucose, however, a strain artificially created in the laboratory can render humanity a rather tangible benefit.

For example, it can later find application in the field of creating the latest type of biofuel. But what exactly will the new E. coli give here? They will ensure a lower level of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere than fuel created by traditional production methods. In any case, you should not think that this is the first time in history when various microorganisms harmful to people began to be used by us for our own benefit. To be more precise, a few years ago a group of scientists and researchers managed to successfully save pre-encrypted data in the microorganisms mentioned above.

There are also already special computers working on the basis of E.Coli “technology”. And of course, since you heard that a new type of Escherichia coli is able to feed on carbon dioxide, you have a logical question – can new bacteria be used to “destroy” CO2 from the air, which will help save the planet. But as the researchers responsible for the development stated, unfortunately today, such a scenario of events is "impossible." This is explained by the fact that the derived modified bacteria at the current level of their development emit a greater amount of harmful substances than they consume and process.

Nevertheless, as a possible field of application for modified Escherichia coli, the aforementioned team of researchers suggested that this strain will be able to find its scope in the development processes of a wide variety of “food products”. In any case, one should not hope that a new, artificially derived species of microorganisms will very soon make a revolution in the fields of fuel and food. So far, the newest strain just proves the efficiency of this concept, which still has a long and serious development.

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