Scientists have created material that copies the adhesive properties of the gecko's limbs

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Among all the most unusual creatures on planet Earth, many scientists are very interested in such a creature as a gecko – mainly due to its unique ability to cling to almost any surface and material with the help of its highly adhesive limbs having a special chemical composition. Thus, geckos can actually climb the vast majority of surfaces and move freely on them – a property that could become decisive in the further development of modern robotics in a practical and specialized direction, which can also be controlled from the outside.

It is in this direction that the talented team of chemical engineers from the Georgia Institute of Technology in the USA works, which today presented some preliminary results of testing their new material, which very accurately copies the adhesive properties of the gecko's limbs. Moreover, they managed to give their experimental material a very high level of stability when attached to various materials and surfaces, all other things being equal, and at the same time checked how well it works in the presence of any strong external environmental factors.

It turned out that such material really does its job perfectly, but so far the development specialists are in no hurry to disclose any facts about their material and do not even want to disclose its basic chemical formula so far in order to preserve intellectual property . In their own words, they are still working on the completion of the final version of their prototype, which already has a very promising character.

In addition, the team had previously tried to recreate similar highly adhesive properties of gecko limbs in the laboratory using various synthetic materials – however, only the current experience, they said, was able to bring them any closer to achieving the ultimate goal of creating such material that could firmly attached to others, without any use of third-party agents and devices.

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