Scientists have created an unusual artificial leather based on mushrooms

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Today, a talented team of materials engineering specialists from Imperial College London presented a rather unusual development in the form of a new leather material, which is a kind of new alternative formula for artificial leather, which, unlike natural, does not pose such a high level of environmental threat. Unlike the so-called “vegan leather”, which is harvested from various kinds of artificial polymers, the new development is based on the collection and special processing of mushrooms and fungal tissues, which ultimately create an extremely convincing replica of natural leather.

It is worth noting the fact that even artificial leather, with all its splendor in terms of the absence of such a great threat to the world ecology and the moral issue in relation to raising and slaughtering livestock, has a considerable set of negative features. In particular, the vast majority of artificial leather options are somehow made using a wide range of artificial polymers – most often polyvinyl chloride or polymeric polyurethane, which nevertheless emit certain particles into the atmosphere that negatively affect the environmental issue.

But in a new study, British researchers presented a conceptually new approach to creating specialized "mushroom" configurations of artificial leather, which has an even greater tactile and visual similarity to natural, but at the same time is devoid of even the smallest negative side effects in relation to environmental pollution, which is very important point.

In addition, experts are interested in consistently improving and updating their current configuration of mushroom leather fabric, as they see it as a truly promising approach to developing a material that is safer in all respects. It is worth noting that the use of mushrooms as a natural material for artificial leather is in itself a rather unexpected and original approach, so we just have to wait for further research by specialists.

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