Scientists have created an artificial rhino horn

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A team of researchers from Fudan University in Shanghai, together with their colleagues from Oxford, today presented their new unique project related to the design of a new artificial rhinoceros horn – this is about creating a high-quality replica, with the help of which specialists strive to significantly reduce the activity of potential and current poaching hunters rhinoceros whose horns are especially valued on the black market. Given that the concept of artificial horn presented at the preliminary stage already has a really promising level of quality and practical indistinguishability from the present, it can be very successful.

It is worth noting that the creation of an artificial rhino horn was an idea designed precisely in an effort to overshadow and minimize the activity of the black animal market and the activities of poachers who thoughtlessly kill rhinos for money – and given that the rhinoceros population continues to decline at a catastrophic pace, it becomes clear that the project is based on a noble goal.

So, the combined team of Chinese and British scientists managed to recreate the world's first artificial rhinoceros horn, which in its appearance and properties is almost indistinguishable from the present – this was done using a specially processed mesh of horse hair using sebaceous glands. The finished design is a very dense material that actually reproduces the properties of a natural horn, and therefore becomes an almost indistinguishable fake – experts hope that with the introduction of such an artificial horn, they will be able to create confusion on the black market mentioned.

And it really can work, as potential collectors may no longer want to deal with large sums for ransom rhino horns, which may turn out to be fake. However, experts specify that at this stage they are still finalizing the chemical structure of the horns so that the fake becomes even more indistinguishable from the original, they can succeed. And while the project is moving in a promising direction.

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