Scientists have created a unique micro-tissue to deliver drugs to the brain

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Today, a talented team of medical engineering specialists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology presented the preliminary result of their rather lengthy study regarding the improvement of the so-called photopharmacological segment of drugs – namely those drugs that are delivered and activated in different parts of the brain by exposure to light. It is worth noting that the team of specialists managed to do this by using a special microfiber technology that connects different functional layers and successfully overcomes the brain barrier.

To be more precise, American biologists managed to use specialized molecules called "photo switches" that can change their behavior by exposing them to light – these are the molecules that have been integrated into a new type of microfiber, which carries out the transfer and activation of drugs in certain parts of the brain.

As experts point out, the choice of such a technological and biological path was chosen precisely because it allows two things to be done – firstly, quickly and accurately deliver biologically active components-medicines to the brain, bypassing the standard blood and brain barriers, and secondly, simultaneously deliver and activate these components using ordinary light exposure. Preliminary laboratory studies indicate that the drug delivery format presented by specialists actually works and has its own nuances.

So, in the future, the team really plans to significantly improve the work of this kind of drugs, not to mention the system of their delivery to the brain itself – for this, specialists continue to work out their new micro tissue and carry out a variety of test configurations to check how good the results are. demonstrates preliminary development. Of course, there are always some special moments associated with the elaboration of additional subtleties.

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