Scientists have created a unique mat that effectively absorbs oil

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Oil is often quite irritating, especially when it gets on clothing and is usually difficult to wash off. What can we say about the threat of a large volume of oil pollution that falls on various ecological objects and in general is a threat to the preservation of many natural ecosystems in nature. However, a talented team of chemical engineers from King Abdullah University in Saudi Arabia today unveiled their new development in the field of preventing such disasters, presenting a special porous mat made of a strong oil-repellent polymer that serves as its base.

It should be noted that we are talking about a polymer 6FDA-TrMPD, which is quite complex in terms of chemical structure, which previously demonstrated really promising results in the field of repelling oils and other similar substances. However, Saudi scientists decided to modify the density and properties of this polymer by running its liquid form through a special filter using electrospinning technology – this technology allows liquid polymer atoms to be driven through an electric field, creating a denser, but at the same time, pliable porous surface of this polymer.

As a result of several sessions of experiments, scientists managed to create about 565 square meters per gram of this material, not forgetting to add sufficiently strong water-repellent properties to it – thus, the new polymer material perfectly absorbs a significant amount of oil, while avoiding excessive deformation, although a certain its share still remains at the moment.

That is why a team of specialists is now actively working on improving and optimizing this polymer material, assuming that in the future it will switch to optimizing its porosity and permeability. It can be assumed that soon the team of Saudi scientists will present the final chemical-structural version of their polymer mat, so it remains only to wait for the official news on this.

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