Scientists have created a tree that effectively cools the room.

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Wood has a special internal pore structure that drives the flow of water and all the beneficial microelements needed to feed the tree – and now a team of chemical engineering specialists from the University of Maryland and the University of Colorado have figured out how to use this design to teach the tree effectively. cool the house. According to their preliminary information regarding the tests performed, the end result of such a modified tree allows you to save up to 20% of the amount of the bill for the payment of electricity and heating, while not having any dangerous side effects.

The study itself was built around the study of the properties and characteristics of natural vascular microcameras and cellulose nanofibres of wood in order to impart to them enhanced optical possibilities for dissipating heat within themselves. First, the specialists removed linin, a special component that gives the tree its characteristic color and strength, and then pulled out cellulose nanofibres. As a result, they got a white wooden structure, which lost its strength, which was then subjected to over-compression to restore it, after which a special hydrophobic material was added to the composition.

After tests of this material, the scientists turned out to be very durable – stronger than metal – wooden material with altered heat dissipation properties, which can be used as part of beamed and roof ceilings, while it is much better at taking and dissipating heat – and all this is done without any third-party electrical signal from the side, which makes the design very strong and light.

In addition, experts themselves say that the resulting material has a markedly higher strength in comparison with the metal used for the same purpose – about five to six degrees of the ambient temperature in the room. So far, it remains to wait for the final stage of testing, during which experts will present the first commercial prototype of their development, which will certainly please even the most demanding users.

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