Scientists have created a test that distracts from sugar consumption.

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Biological Behavioral Researchers at Drexel University today presented their new study on how to train their brains in a special way to create a healthier and more rational diet — in particular, to teach the brain to reject as many sugar-containing products as possible. quantity. The fact is that many modern consumers, driven by a lack of time, often do not pay enough attention to what they buy in stores, and therefore a new game test was invented – and the results of the participants in this test showed that it really works.

Consuming an excessively large amount of sugar often leads to various diseases, such as diabetes and neurodegeneration — however, the ability to initially withstand such a massive selection of sugar products does not seem so easy and obvious. That is why a team of researchers from the University of Drexel presented their new research to teach the brain of several game test volunteers to automatically screen out all harmful products.

The gaming test itself is called Diet DASH and is that the volunteer walk through the store in search of food as soon as possible and select the least harmful ones – in such a game form the test promised to become a real breakthrough and it really became one. The results, recorded after the second week of such a training experiment, demonstrated that the experiment participants managed to throw off up to 3.1% of their body weight in the first eight weeks – and then – more!

Thus, such a behavioral test is primarily focused on providing the brain with constant training in relation to the analysis and research of what it consumes – with this approach it becomes possible to constantly stay abreast of what you buy as food. In the future, experts are interested in further expanding the scope of such gaming tests with new scenarios.

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