Scientists have created a safe analogue of ketamine NV-5138

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Despite the fact that ketamine is a really interesting version of a potent antidepressant even in severe cases of clinical depression, it still poses a certain danger because it has pronounced hallucinogenic effects. That is why experts from Yale University today presented the results of their new study on an attempt to create a medicine that copies the effects of an antidepressant on ketamine, but lacking its unpleasant and potentially dangerous side effects – as a result, scientists created an experimental compound called NV-5138 and tested it in mice .

It is worth mentioning that in their desire to create a safer, but no less effective analogue of ketamine, experts from Yale somehow experimented with various molecules contained in ketamine and found that, in their main mass, the effects of relieving depression occur due to their interaction with a well-defined brainwave – this is the mTORCI brain area.

Experimenting on experimental mice, experts noticed that with clinical depression, the activity of this part of the brain weakens considerably, and ketamine can greatly stir it up – and that is why NV-5138 became the most suitable candidate for this role, since it managed to narrow the range of effects of its molecules on this part of the brain, while avoiding a more extensive spread of its influence. Thus, the scientists were able to quite quickly cope with the adjustment of the main chemical components and combinations in their experimental drug compound, noting that in this area NV-5138 is not inferior to ketamine.

It is quite possible that the US Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – which had previously approved the medical use of ketamine-containing nasal spray – will soon consider a new development and take measures to disseminate it. However, it is worth noting the fact that this will definitely be preceded by various tests.

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