Scientists have created a new type of vaccine against coronavirus

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Moderna, a biopharmaceutical company, today issued an official statement stating that the development of a new vaccine against the Chinese coronavirus, which continues to cause fear in the world, has been completed. However, despite the completion of the production of coronavirus, its release to the global market level is still questionable, since it is first necessary to make sure that it is fully compatible with all categories of patients. The vaccine itself is tentatively called mRNA-1273 and is a really effective method of combating the main mechanism of the virus – infection of other cells.

At the moment, not much is known about the biological composition of the new vaccine, in addition to the important fact that it basically uses the Spike S protein complex, which was experimentally detected in the similar effect of Chinese coronavirus on healthy cells – it is with it coronavirus has the ability to cling to healthy cells and hit them.

The vaccine, from its purely technical point of view, functions in much the same way as some previous vaccines against such coronaviruses as SARS and MERS, but they, unlike the new coronavirus, do not differ in such a high degree of infection and the possibility of death – although At this point in time, thanks to the collective efforts of scientific teams and nation-states, it was possible to significantly reduce the risk of spread and infection by the Chinese coronavirus.

The vaccine was developed in conjunction with a team of researchers from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the United States, however, representatives of the Moderna laboratory complex note that the readiness for the final version of the vaccines has yet to be presented. Given that the Chinese coronavirus has truly increased survivability and the potential for changes within itself, it becomes clear that soon the picture regarding the effectiveness of the new vaccine may change.

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