Scientists have created a metal tree

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Today, a team of experts from Penn University, together with colleagues from the University of Illinois, presented a very unusual development of new material with amazing properties. This material was named as “metal tree” and is a type of material that combines the cellular characteristics of metal and wood. Representing material from interconnected nickel layers with nanoscopic-sized pores, it has a promising application pattern and can be used in many areas of activity, ranging from material engineering to experimental development.

The material itself was created by a rather long selection of various materials and compounds – as a result, material engineering specialists managed to create a porous and incredibly dense material that combines the features and properties of metal and wood.

The porous structure in it repeats the same for trees in the natural environment – part of this structure supports another, and individual pores can further increase the strength and rigidity of the device, while using the porous structure, experts were able to strengthen the outer nickel layers due to the redistribution of energy flows within the structure – Thus, the material has the ability to quickly become more rigid when necessary. It is known that the initial length of metal octopus in the material is 10 nanometers, but this result can be further increased.

Whatever it was, and the creation of such a multifunctional material in general will allow in the future more free and bold way to experiment with various third-party materials and compounds. Provided that the development specialists will be able to bring the current project to its logical conclusion.

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